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World Mythology

In The Master of Speech, Shannon Dorey reveals that the Dogon religion is the base religion from which all other world mythologies including Christianity have emanated. Dorey believes Dogon mythology is the oldest mythology in existence in the world today and may even predate the world flood.

According to the Dogon, the alien Nummo, who were thought to have come from either the Sirius star system or the Pleiades, combined their DNA with the animals of Earth to create humans. The Nummo were identified as being self-fertilizing and amphibious. They were also green, fish, serpent, and lizard like beings.

In the mythology the androgynous Nummo were identified as being female because their androgynous appearance tended to appear more feminine than masculine. They were identified with the goddess in world mythology and were symbolized by the sun. Because they were also self fertilizing, they were identified as virgin goddesses.

The virgin goddess was a notable theme in Greek mythology and the virgin birth can be attributed to both the self-fertilizing Nummo and their ability to perform biological engineering. The Nummo were identified with Athena in Greek mythology and Neith and Isis in Egyptian mythology.

The androgynous Nummo were also said to have been immortal. According to Dorey, immortality for the Nummo was what is known today as reincarnation. When they died and were reborn they had knowledge of a previous existence. Death for them was described by the Dogon teacher, OgotemmÍli, as being like a snake who sheds its skin. Dorey talked about how androgyny represented wholeness in world myths. It was indicative of the Ying and Yang, the two opposing forces in the universe united together.

Dogon mythology discusses the differences between the self fertilizing androgynous Nummo and the single-sexed humans. The mythology tells of the failed biological experiment that caused the birth of the male jackal. He was born single sexed instead of androgynous and was severed from the spiritual essence of the Nummo.

As is discussed in The Master Of Speech, the Dogon religion connects human spirituality with the Earth itself. It talks about an evolutionary debt that has to be paid to the Earth because humans were artificially created instead of having evolved naturally. Once this debt is paid, humans will regain their immortality and their lost connection with all plants and animals on the Earth.

Dorey believes that the most significant message that is represented in this mythology is the fact that our biological essence, meaning our DNA, is connected to our spiritual essence, which is connected to the Earth itself. The Nummo made a terrible mistake in the biological engineering of humans. The experiment failed and ended up dooming humans to an existence of mortality.

Dorey shows how the spiritual Nummo were identified with the serpent in the Bible, who advised Eve to eat the apple from the tree of knowledge. Once Eve ate the apple she became knowledgeable but lost her immortality.

The symbol of the fish has always been identified with Christianity. In Dogon mythology it was the DNA of the Master of Speech that was supposed to provide hope for humanity. This hermaphroditic being was half fish and half human. This figure was eventually turned into a male and identified with Jesus Christ by later male dominated societies. In the bible Jesus was seen walking on water and on the Pope's ring is a hall of fishes. In the mythology, the androgynous Master of Speech was sacrificed so that humans would eventually evolve into immortal beings.

The problems that developed as a result of these spiritual beings interfering with the Earth's natural evolution were catastrophic. The failed crossbreeding experiment and the cataclysm that resulted are found in the history of people from North America to India. These different stories and myths are talked about in The Master Of Speech.

One aspect that determined the age of this mythology was its symbolism. According to Dorey, the fact the Nummo or goddess was identified with the sun, and the male jackal was symbolic of the moon was significant. In Occidental Mythology, Joseph Campbell talked about the reversal of these symbols which became suppressed by the intrusive patriarchal warrior tribesmen whose traditions came down to us in the Old Testament and New Testaments and in the myths of Greece. Campbell called it solarization where the male became associated with the sun and the female with the moon. This would suggest that Dogon religion is older than Judaism, Christianity, and the Greek mythologies.

This mythology is analyzed in detail by Shannon Dorey in The Master Of Speech. Follow the link if you would like to purchase, The Master Of Speech. If you would like to contact the author, email or go here if you would like to read a sample chapter.

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