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Woman With Four FacesFile:WLA brooklynmuseum Dogon Figure with Four Faces Bombu-Toro style.jpg WLA brooklynmuseum Dogon Figure with Four Faces Bombu-Toro style Photographed February 2009 by Wikipedia Loves Art participant "Opal_Art_Seekers_4"

  Dogon Door with SymbolsBy Tropenmuseum, part of the National Museum of World Cultures, CC BY-SA 3.0,

January 2012
Red Ice Radio Interview

Spring 2010
Dreamtime and the Dogon, New Dawn Magazine Special Issue 13, History is Wrong,

November 2005
Guest on The Edge Radio with Daniel Ott

April 2005
(Play Interview)

March 16, 2005
The Raelians Got It Wrong

Spring 2004
Avalon Magazine Book Review

Dec. 22, 2003
The True Origins of Christ

Oct. 9 2003
Dr. Richard Boylan Reports

Sept. 16, 2003
Independent Dogon Researchers Agree About DNA

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