The True Origins of Christ
by Shannon Dorey
December 2003

While Christmas lights shimmer in the night and carols warm our hearts, new historical research has emerged that could indicate the true origins of Christ. Although this research may not be the reality some Christians were hoping for, it may provide comfort to others who have always suspected that there might be something more to the story.

I have recently completed extensive research on a religion practised by the Dogon people, who lived high on the cliffs of Bandiagara in Mali, Africa. The French anthropologist, Marcel Griaule, recorded this religion in 1946, in Conversations With Ogotemmêli. At that time, the isolated Dogon, who were one of the last tribes to come under French rule, were thought to have been one of the best examples of "primitive savagery" known to humanity. Griaule admitted that he didn't understand a lot of the mythology he conveyed to the world, he told it as the Dogon elder, Ogotemmêli, had told it to him.

My analysis of the Dogon beliefs reveals a religion about DNA and the creation of humans by a fish-like alien species known as the Nummo. The nature of this mythology is such that only someone in our own time, with knowledge of DNA would have been able to understand its symbolism.

Dogon mythology presents us with a very clear warning about biological engineering and DNA. The mythology tells us that when the Nummo combined their DNA with the animals of Earth to create humans, the experiment failed. The Earth animals obtained a greater intelligence but in the process lost their spirituality. As a result, humans were condemned to a world of mortality. It tells us that the Nummo learned too late that the human soul is incorporated in DNA.

According to the Dogon, the Nummo tried three different experiments to correct the mistake they had made. In the end the DNA of the Master (Mistress) of Speech was supposed to provide hope for humanity, allowing all humans to eventually evolve into the spiritual beings they were meant to be in the beginning. In the mythology, the Master (Mistress) of Speech was sacrificed for the betterment of humanity. My research indicates this amphibious being has come down to us in the Christian religion as Jesus Christ.

The symbol of the fish has always been identified with Christianity. In Dogon mythology the Master (Mistress) of Speech was half fish and half human. In the bible Jesus was seen walking on water and on the Pope's ring is a hall of fishes.

The first important symbol found in Ogotemmêli's conversation with Griaule is the symbol of the "word". The "word" was used as a metaphor for the DNA of the biologically engineered humans. This was because the Earth animals were only able to speak once their DNA was combined with the Nummo's DNA.

The "word" as a symbol of DNA representing Christ is found in this passage in the biblical book of John. It is written, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. John 1:1 ... The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us... John 1:14".

The Nummo, with their amphibious serpent and fish-like characteristics are also identified with the serpent in the Bible, who advised Eve to eat the apple from the tree of knowledge. Once Eve ate the apple she became knowledgeable but lost her immortality.

Aside from being serpent and fish like, the Nummo were also said to have been self-fertilizing amphibians. The strange characteristics of the alien Nummo helped to authenticate their existence. Most likely if they had been created from the imagination, they would have been more human-like.

According to Carl Sagan in Cosmos, beings from other planets would probably not look anything like us because creatures generally evolve in relation to their own planet's environment. Sagan believed that the possibility of finding intelligent life on other planets was probable but the possibility of finding aliens who were like us was not.

The Dogon had passed their oral mythology on from generation to generation. Because they had lived so high in the cliffs, it was protected from outside influence. My analysis of this ancient mythology reveals that it is probably the oldest religion in existence in the world. My research indicates it predates the Greek and Egyptian mythologies and is a goddess-based mythology from which most world religions have evolved.

Although this mythology seems disturbing, it may in fact provide us with a new understanding of Christianity. The core mythology from which it has evolved is an Earth based religion that reveals a spiritual connection between humans and all plants and animals on the Earth. It also provides us with a common link that unites all beliefs.